Making the Transition to Civilian Life

The VFW has really helped me out a lot with making the rather difficult transition to civilian life. There are lots of different programs and services this organization offers to veterans, but in my opinion this is among the best. They have helped me with finding a job when I really needed it. It can be incredibly difficult to get employment anywhere decent after getting out of the military, so I wasn’t very hopeful at first. But this organization came through for me and got me a great paying job at a local factory, which is where I work now.

A lot of people who get out of the military have many issues with adjusting to life outside of the military, and the VFW has been beyond helpful. I credit them with being responsible for helping me get on my feet when I really needed it. I was very worried for a while because I couldn’t seem to get a job, and I needed a way to feed my family and pay my bills. This organization has done a lot to help military personnel adjust to civilian life in a smooth and effective way.

I do plan on going back to school to earn a degree, which is actually something else that the VFW could help me out with. They provide veterans with test prep assistance for SATs and ACTs. I am incredibly happy that I found this organization because of everything they have done for me, and I feel great about giving back whenever and however I can. I really needed a lot of help when I first got out of the military, and this organization was really there for me in a big way. I simply cannot say enough good about these people.