Getting the support I need from the VFW

One of the reasons that I love the VFW as an organization so much is because it provides me with a place to come and get support by meeting other people who have had the same kinds of experiences as me. The fact is that most people simply cannot understand what I have been through because they have never served a day in the military.

The people who I talk with at the VFW know exactly how I feel when it comes to my PTSD and the things I have gone through when stationed overseas. The ability to come somewhere and connect with people whom I have so much in common with is a huge relief and a weight off my shoulders.

I am able to share my thoughts, feelings and experiences at VFW meetings with other people who have been through very similar things in the past. It’s a truly amazing feeling to be really understood by others, especially after having so many exchanges and interactions with civilians who cannot relate to me at all.

There is a strong bond I share with my fellow veterans, and the VFW has provided me with a great way to meet many of them. I love listening to the stories of the veterans at the meetings, and having people who will not only listen to what I have to say but also relate to it in a real way. This organization has done so much to support me.